Elk Wallow Juice - Synthetic Elk Attractant

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The Elk Wallow Juice - Synthetic Elk Attractant outperforms real scents because it is:

  • Always fresh
  • Never spoils
  • No bacterial breakdown

Buck Fever Synthetic Scents are 100% SYNTHETIC. They contain no animal urines, feces or secretions of any kind.

The Elk Wallow Juice drives bulls crazy, period.

Directions: When hunting a wallow, use with scent canisters and scent drippers or apply to vegetation around an active wallow. When on the move calling and bugling, place Elk Wallow Juice on foliage to help cover human odor and attract bulls going down wind. Keeps dominant bulls in the area longer. Makes cows curious and seek out the new cow in the herd. Won’t spook elk like real scents can! Lasts for months in the woods, not hours. Refreshed by rain or moisture. Over a decade of field-proven success!

For best results: Use Vanishing Hunter odor eliminator to control human odors.