Buck Pix 4-Piece Combo - Synthetic Scent Pack

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Buck Pix is a pure chemistry 4-piece combo that bucks can’t resist! Chemistry creates a social HOT SPOT that will have bucks returning all season long! Buck Pix is not a scent or food attractant. It’s 100% synthetic scent.

Get your early season blend trail camera system with the 4-piece Buck Pix Combo!

  • 8 oz. Vanishing Hunter
  • 4 oz. Dirt Fusion
  • 4 oz. Branch Action
  • 8 GB SDHC Card

Step 1

Insert your 8 GB SDHC Memory Card into your trail camera. Place trail camera for best angle.

Step 2

Spray Vanishing Hunter Odor Control 8 oz on your camera to get rid of human scent or new camera smell.

Step 3

Entice bucks by pouring 1/4 bottle of #1 Dirt Fusion 4 oz into the dirt at your mock scrape or primary scrape.

Step 4

Finally, spray two squirts from #2 Branch Action 4 oz on a branch above your #1 Dirt Fusion 4 oz to take advantage of a buck’s desire to leave scent on an overhanging licking branch. Attract more bucks to your camera, period!


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    Posted by Tom on 6th Aug 2023

    Been experimenting with BF scents since early July . Made some mock scrapes on main trails or spots I marked last year where I found scrapes . Deer seem to be extremely intrigued by the scents doe and bucks alike have been coming back almost every morning and afternoon checking the scrapes and even started working it themselves