Buck Pix 4-Piece Combo - Synthetic Scent Pack

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Buck Pix is a pure chemistry 4-piece combo that bucks can’t resist! Chemistry creates a social HOT SPOT that will have bucks returning all season long! Buck Pix is not a scent or food attractant. It’s 100% synthetic scent.

Get your early season blend trail camera system with the 4-piece Buck Pix Combo!

  • 8 oz. Vanishing Hunter
  • 4 oz. Dirt Fusion
  • 4 oz. Branch Action
  • 8 GB SDHC Card

Step 1

Insert your 8 GB SDHC Memory Card into your trail camera. Place trail camera for best angle.

Step 2

Spray Vanishing Hunter Odor Control 8 oz on your camera to get rid of human scent or new camera smell.

Step 3

Entice bucks by pouring 1/4 bottle of #1 Dirt Fusion 4 oz into the dirt at your mock scrape or primary scrape.

Step 4

Finally, spray two squirts from #2 Branch Action 4 oz on a branch above your #1 Dirt Fusion 4 oz to take advantage of a buck’s desire to leave scent on an overhanging licking branch. Attract more bucks to your camera, period!