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Pro Pack
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Our pro pack of scents supplies the serious deer hunter a season’s worth of deer scents and scent control!

Our Pro Pack - Synthetic Deer Scent Pack is designed to supply a full season’s worth of synthetic deer scents and scent control to the serious deer hunter.


  • 32 oz. Vanishing Hunter
  • 8 oz. Pre/Post Rut
  • 8 oz. Full Rut
  • 8 oz. Forehead Gland

Hunt all phases of the rut and learn to Make Bucks Hunt You!


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    Pro pack

    Posted by Kyle Price on 12th Jun 2023

    Never created a mock scrape with a licking branch, but went out with buck fever pro pack to a new property and found a natural funnel with several immature beech trees over hanging a ridge that has bedding on both sides. Created several mock scrapes with licking branches and hung a camera and within hours deer have been showing up from bachelor bucks, does, and fawns.

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    Worst spot ever.

    Posted by Rene Maldonado on 27th Dec 2022

    So I was the last person to get onto this deer lease in south Texas, so I was given the worst spot on the ranch. 5 Hunters on 1K ranch but I was given about a 100 acre spot that up against a high fence, a real Sh*t hole, but 6 months of using these products the other hunters were blown away at the pics of bucks in my spot, and no one scored a bigger deer than me the 2 years I hunted there. This is a great product with easy to follow directions.